My name is...

Emily Schutz

I'm here to capture your wedding in a way that undeniably reflects you. No matter what your vision is, I'm here to document it. 

My style is a little bit of everything. 

Bright, and moody. Candid, but structured. Trendy, yet timeless. I like to think that my approach is a mixture of styles that creates a unique blend for each individual wedding. My editing style is a true reflection of me, creating consistency throughout your entire gallery or video. Together, we can capture your day in the way you've always dreamed!

Capturing candid moments throughout the wedding day is very important to me, but I also love stylized portraits! As I get to know each couple I learn what is most important to them on their wedding day and help bring that vision to life. You might want to limit our time on portraits to leave more time to enjoy the party, or maybe you want to hop around on a party bus and take portraits with your bridal party for a couple of hours! Whatever it is you want out of your wedding day, I'm here to make it happen. 

Meet Me!

I fell in love with shooting weddings in 2012 and never looked back. I am drawn to both photo & video and how they each individually and uniquely capture your big day.

Owner, Photographer, videographer, & artistic vision.

I genuinely love weddings, like a lot. I think they are such cool celebrations that bring together families and put you under one roof with all of the people that you love. From the anticipation and the details, to the high flying emotions and crazy dance floor, I'm here for it. 

I've always said that one of the coolest things about photo & video is how it connects me with people and places I would have not otherwise seen. I pride myself in being able to capture all different types of weddings, not just those that are familiar to me. From an international double destination wedding, to various weddings of different religions, cultures, and traditions. It is important to me that you know that my interest in shooting your wedding does not depend on who you are or the type of wedding you throw. Nontraditional first looks or religious ceremonies, small guest list vs. big blow out, over the top or simplistic decor - my job is to capture your dream day, and that's what I'm all about.   

Meet Adam

This is Adam's third wedding season working for me! Chances are, he'll be there on your wedding day carrying a camera, hauling equipment, keeping an eye on the schedule, and whatever else needs done! He second shoots for both photo & video, and is my go-to audio guy. He has been playing music his entire life and knows the ins and outs of the audio stuff in a way I never will, so I'm always thankful to have him on board. He's got your ceremony, speeches, and all audio memories covered! Behind the scenes, Adam is there making my life easier by prepping taxes, backing up files, mailing out USBs, and doing basically whatever I don't have time to do.

Oh yeah - we are also married. 

assistant, second shooter, audio guy, & husband. 

Why I do what I do

Weddings are honestly just so fun and I'm absolutely honored to be a part of the anticipation, the first looks, the grandparent hugs, and the crazy dance moves. My marriage, family, and friends are the best and most important things in my life and I know how much yours mean to you. I will put the same care and attention into documenting your day as I would my own - down to the very last detail.

More about us

If you were trying to find us, we've been known to be found on a long road trip, watching TV and ordering pizza, walking our fluffy white husky-mix, Sputnik, laying in bed being used as human scratching posts by our cats, doing copious amounts of home-improvement projects for no reason, or drinking White Claw in a pool. We spend basically all of our time together, though, so there would only be need to look in one place. 

Think we'll be a good fit?

Work with me!

Think we'll be a good fit?

Work with me!