The people who surround you on your wedding day make all the difference, and guess what? You and I will be spending a lot of time together. I'll be there during the getting ready, the first looks, the portraits, the first dances.  When you choose a photographer or videographer you are choosing someone to spend your wedding day with. That's why I put as much effort into your experience as I put into your photos and video.

When I say prioritize your wedding day, I mean prioritizing the things that matter-whatever that means to you. 

The best feedback I get from my couples is that I make them feel comfortable. If you think you're awkward in front of a camera, I promise every other couple feels the same way. My goal is to help you relax (maybe even have fun) so that your photos and video capture your true selves. When you look back on your wedding day, I hope you remember exactly how you felt in the moment rather than how you felt in front of a camera.

I've found there's a fine line between getting the perfect shot and blocking grandma's view. That's why I love when guests come up to me after the ceremony to say they forgot I was there. This is your wedding day, all eyes should be on you, not me. I will jump in to capture all the important moments, then take a step back and document your day as it naturally unfolds. Your experience is the priority, and when your guests look back on your wedding day, I hope they remember your beautiful vows, not the team with all the cameras who were always in the way.

About You

Just got engaged to your best friend and ready to kick off your marriage with a bang. You are excited to celebrate with your friends & family, have the best day of your life, and remember every beautiful bit of it.

The TEam

Although my face is the one you'll see most, I usually have a team with me. Often, it'll include my husband Adam, who has been working alongside me since 2019. He takes on many of the backend tasks in addition to shooting with me on your wedding day. You may see additional team members who are trusted individuals that I've worked closely with me over the years, and typically own their own wedding businesses themselves. Together, we work to deliver your dream wedding experience.

Adam and I have two young kids together and Adam is also in graduate school, so we spend most of our time these days hanging with the kids, editing weddings, and studying History. If we find an extra moment, we love hitting up happy hour, going to concerts, ordering good food, playing videogames,  hanging with our family at the pool, and chatting with our friends at a dive bar or around a bonfire. In our old life before kids, we loved traveling to new places and taking lots of road trips. I still love to channel that version of ourselves through work and am delighted to travel to document your story. 

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