Lauren & Drew : Engagement

This engagement session was nothing short of eventful! I think it is best to sum up our evening together in five parts:

  1. We started in this adorable alleyway I found in German Village that had it all! Black painted brick walls (which are my current obsession), a brick road, a wall completely covered in ivy, and a sunset peaking over the building. Lauren laughed through all of the “awkward eye contact” and we found a gorgeous peony bush to take pics of her mother’s pearl engagement that is now hers =]
  2. We wanted to pop some champagne for obvious celebratory reasons. My friend lives close by (shout out to Liz) so I had her leave some champagne glasses out on her front porch for us and we stopped by, popped bottles, and sipped on the stoop. 
  3. Before the session, Lauren messaged me and asked if she should bring a confetti cannon. I told her 1) duh and 2) that I’d put a mini dust pan in my camera bag. We popped confetti and then spent a little too long sweeping it up with a 2-inch broom that was hardly effective. Probably should have taken a behind the scenes picture of that because it was ridiculous. Hindsight is 20/20.
  4. We spent the remainder of the sunset in Schiller Park sitting by the pond, dancing under trees, and pretending to be in a photo-booth. 
  5. Apologies in advance for the profanity, but the last thing Lauren and Drew wanted to do was profess how much they really f*cking love each other (the balloon’s word, not mine. Scroll to the end for that!).

All in all, I’d call this sesh a success. I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding next June!