Styled Shoot : Personal

This was my first ever styled shoot and I’m pretty giddy about it to say the least.  I was nervous to put one together for a lot of reasons, but mostly I was afraid of making this huge event and messing it up. My solution to that was to have a practice round and keep it super small. I mostly included some of my best friends so that we could mess up a hundred times and still laugh about it afterwards. I am lucky to have a gorgeous friend like Katie, who will sit forever while I do her hair and make up and then get clipped into my wedding dress while I take a bunch of pictures of her in a hot room. Also, I am lucky to have an amazing artist friend like Emma Kindall, who was the main collaborator for this shoot. She is constantly astounding me with her art and pulls together the most beautiful pieces with seemingly no effort. She created the AMAZING wall art, the adorable vow books, and the beautifully intricate styling board you see below. Last but not least, the whole concept was tied together with the florals from Bear Roots Floral, whose arrangements are never less than spectacular. I still can’t believe that these images actually exist after dreaming them up in my head for so long while we were working on this project. Feels like a dream come true =] 

Photography: Emily Schutz Photo & Video

Art: Emma Kindall

Styling Board: Emma Kindall

Vow Books: Emma Kindall

Florals: Bear Roots Floral

Model: Katie Kramer

Ribbon: Frou Frou Chic

Rings: Rosados Box

Ring Box: The Mrs. Box

Hair & Make Up: Emily Schutz 

Styling: Emily Schutz

Dress: La Jeune Mariee / Watters Too